Fighting in Sports

As anyone has probably noticed, violence in sports has skyrocketed over the past 10 or so years.  In some sports, such as hockey, fighting is part of the game.  They get a penalty for fighting and thats it, no game misconduct, no suspension afterwards.  But in the last season, a player slashed another player in the face because he was mad.  Why? The player was suspended for the rest of the season, but how far is too far.  Hockey doesn't want to ban fighting or make the penalties more strict because they are afraid of losing an already dwindling fan base.  In other sports, fighting lands you an automatic suspension for direct involvement.  The University of Miami football team ended up getting into a brawl with another team, and both sides had multiple players suspended for a few games for their actions.  In baseball, batters go after pitchers every day, sometimes it ends in just a few words thrown back and forth, in other cases it ends in punches thrown and a brawl breaking out.  I guess the point that I am trying to make is, why bother?  Granted you need to stick up for yourself, your team, yada yada yada.  What these players aren't thinking of is who is watching the game that they are a vital part of.  What kid sitting in the stands or watching from a tv at home says that player is their role model.  A role model should not be fighting, because then the kids are going to think that its acceptable for them go ahead and fight if someone were to do that to them.  Fighting needs to have much more severe consequences than it has right now, period.

Pond Hockey

Its every kids favorite time of the year, around Christmas time is the perfect time.  Pond hockey and pond skating is what kids look forward to when their done with school, or when they wake up on the weekends.  As college kids, we don't let this past time slip through our fingertips.  Every day over winterim and early in the spring semester you'll find kids skating at the Fox Park ice rink.  Fox Park is a great place because you have a smaller frozen rink, which is great for just skating around and having fun, or playing a smaller game of ice hockey.  Every night you could count on at least 10 or so kids to show up, and have a nice 3 v 3 or 4 v 4 game.  It was great because there were all different experience levels, and it gives everyone an equal chance to lay and have fun.  The games are never very serious, always just a fun few hours playing hockey on the ice, and whatever happens on the ice stays there.  Its an awesome place to be, and i'd recommend it to anyone, whether they just want to skate for fun or play a little puck.

Freshman Experience

When I moved into my dorm room the first day of school, I was not too sure what to expect.  I got nervous about friends, school, and just nervous in general.  Its a new place where I really knew nothing about anyone or anything here.  As the first few days, I found myself going out with some friends on the floor, having fun, and getting used to the college experience.  After that everything just kind of fell into place from there on out.  I kept on hanging out with those people, met new people without a fear or care in the world, started with my schoolwork and that was about it.  Looking back on that first day of moving it, it seems like it was yesterday.  I didn't really believe it when people told me that college is the best, and fastest four years of your life.  But seeing how quickly this year has come and gone, I know that before I can even catch myself and head back reality, I'll be in the real world.  But while I'm here at school, I may as well keep on doing the best I can and having fun as well.

summer time

As the school year comes to an end we all have one thing on our mind once May 1st hits, summer.  No one really thinks about finals as much as they did first semester, because everyone is amped to go home for the summer and have some fun.  You see a start of people slacking off once it gets warm outside because people want to be outside having fun, not inside doing work and studying.  But the last few weeks of classes are packed with work that is due, that everyone leaves until the last minute because we're most interested in being outside then in the class room.  So PSU, have some fun while its warm out, get your work done, and get ready for the summer; where you save your money up all summer working 2 jobs just to blow through it next year.

A Good Start

It's now May 1st, and the first month of baseball has come on gone and the Red Sox find themselves in first place in the AL East by 3 1/2 games.  The biggest surprise though, is that the Yankees aren't in second, their in dead last, struggling.  The Red Sox have won 5 out of 6 games against the Yankee's, including a sweep of them in their homestand which hadn't been done in years.  Simply, the Sox are just crushing the ball, other than their one hitter against the White Sox.  They are outscoring their opponents by a considerable amount.  They are fifth in the league in runs, twelfth in the league in hits, first in walks, and ninth in strikeouts.  The pitching staff is eleventh in runs, tenth in hits, ninth in walks, and fourth in strikeouts with over six per game.   The Sox are playing pretty solid so, although there are some huge questions being asked by Red Sox nation.  What's the deal with Manny?  Manny is batting a touch over .200, which simply isn't the Manny we know, or need.  A good sign that Manny is getting back into the grove of things is that he his home run against the Yankees was opposite field, which means Manny's getting back on track.  The biggest concern was our off-season acquisition Mr. Matsuzaka, who clearly hasn't been all he's cracked up to be.  Granted, he's not throwing to the caliber he threw in the World Baseball Finals, or how he threw in Japan.  He's getting accustomed to the new league, new style of play and the differences that major league baseball has.  At least, thats what we need to keep telling ourselves.  He's 3-2 with an ERA over 4.  That's not what we spent a ridiculous amount of money on.  Another worry is Schilling.  Although his ERA is 3.27, he is 2-3 as your #1.  The biggest problem is our #5 man in the rotation, Julian Tavarez.  He has an ERA of 7.58, simply enough stated.  We need a new number 5 thats going to be able to give us a chance in the post-season, or getting to the post-season.

Snow? What?

So now that its April, the first thing you expect is rain, and some warmer weather.  The past week/weekend was beautiful, grilling and hanging out outside, shorts and a t-shirt.  That changed quickly when it started snowing again.  That's right, April 3rd and its snowing outside, and more is expected to come.  This means two things. Firstly, spring sports are going to be stuck inside for a while once again because mother nature decided to throw us a curveball and leave us guessing.  Another thing it means is that everyone is just going to be mad about the weather.  I mean, who wouldn't be mad when only a few short days ago we were outside in shorts, and now there's snow falling everywhere.  Somethings messed up with this weather, and whether you like it or not, it's New England, deal with it.

Spring Break 2007

Spring break is one of the biggest topics around campus in the weeks before it starts. "Where are you going?" "What are you doing?" are two of the most common questions people ask you about what your doing for your break.  Spring break is supposed to be a time to relax and take your mind off school, and each student has a different way of doing so.  Some kids do the typical college trip, such as Cancun, Florida, Mexico, or anywhere thats warm.  Its a time of drinking and having fun with your friends.  But is that really the best route to take?  A week straight of getting blackout drunk and doing stupid things isn't the brightest idea in the world.  Although its probably fun, why hurt yourself just to have some fun.  Every year you hear about kids dying over spring break from alcohol related incidents, but you don't hear about how many kids have alcohol poisoning.  Don't get me wrong, its college and we're going to party and have fun, but thats pretty heavy.  Other kids go home and work.  It's called spring BREAK. Relax, understandably we're broke college kids.  Yea so its a few extra bucks, but we do work every day when it comes to school.  Other kids just hang out home with their friends and visit some people.  Best idea in my eyes because most of the time you have your fun with your friends, visit others who are in college, and don't have to worry about working or anything like that.  You'll still most likely party if thats what you want to do, and you don't have to pay over $1,000 to do it.


A huge debate that has come up lately is whether or not violent video games affects the minds of the kids who are playing them. The gaming industry is being blamed for deaths or violence of kids because of the games that they put out. The fault should not be put on the gaming industry at all. There are categories and warnings for certain aged children not to play a specific game. If they do, that should not be the gaming companies fault. That is the parents fault for letting their child play a violent game at a young age when the game is classified for an older age. Secondly, the game does not make the person commit the actions that they play in a game. I'm part of a generation brought up on Goldeneye and other games where killing is involved. I play video games of violent nature and I have never thought about killing or severely harming others to imitate the game that I played a few hours beforehand. The game does not make you get a gun and kill people. It is your choice on whether or not to take the gun and use it against innocent people. I feel another reason that the gaming industry is being blamed is because taking people to court and getting their money is the new way at achieving the American Dream. When our ancestors came here, they felt the only way to get the American Dream was to work hard for everything that they could. In today's society, we're filled with ideas on how to make a quick buck, and suing someone to get a few million dollars and live the American Dream is the cheap way. You see it in the news every day, and more people then you think are either the perpetraitors, or the victims. The gaming industry is just another pawn in these peoples chess game to make money quick. I think that the real problem is that people don't want to own up to the mistakes that they have made. The thought of taking responsibilty for your actions repulses most people because we can find ways out of situations so much easier today. In the end, people kill people. Video games don't cause people to kill others.

Mercy Killings

Mercy killings have been a huge issue in America due to the fact that America is split in half by it. Many people feel that if a person is suffering and is willing to sign their life away to end their suffering, it should be accepted by the courts. At the other side of the spectrum, many Americans feel that the taking of a life, no matter how bad of shape that life may be in, is murder. I stand deadlocked. I am a criminal justice major, and the taking of another person's life, even consentual is considered murder. Although once I get older and God forbid I should be so ill and in so much pain that I wish for my life to be ended, a decision may come for me to want to have someone end my already miserable life. Dr. Kevorkian is a perfect example of a mercy killer. He gets signed consent, and often makes the patient wait weeks to months to make sure that this is what they truly want to do. He feels that if someone is suffering that much and they want their life to end, the patient has the right to do so. In 1999, he was put in jail for second degree murder, due to the fact that he video taped one of his killings to show the world how much pain the victims he is asissting the taking of their lives are in. Currently, I feel that mercy killing is the same as murder, but I can not say I would not act in the same manner once older and in pain.

Hello world!

My name is Andy Pogorzelski, and I'm a freshman here at PSU.  I like baseball, rugby, skiing, biking, hiking, climbing, golf.  Pretty much anything outside i'll love doing.  I work at a golf course and a photo studio over the summer.  I'm from Hillsborough, New Jersey, which is about a 6 hour car drive here to school.  I'm a pretty down to earth person and i like to have fun.