Pond Hockey

Its every kids favorite time of the year, around Christmas time is the perfect time.  Pond hockey and pond skating is what kids look forward to when their done with school, or when they wake up on the weekends.  As college kids, we don't let this past time slip through our fingertips.  Every day over winterim and early in the spring semester you'll find kids skating at the Fox Park ice rink.  Fox Park is a great place because you have a smaller frozen rink, which is great for just skating around and having fun, or playing a smaller game of ice hockey.  Every night you could count on at least 10 or so kids to show up, and have a nice 3 v 3 or 4 v 4 game.  It was great because there were all different experience levels, and it gives everyone an equal chance to lay and have fun.  The games are never very serious, always just a fun few hours playing hockey on the ice, and whatever happens on the ice stays there.  Its an awesome place to be, and i'd recommend it to anyone, whether they just want to skate for fun or play a little puck.

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