Freshman Experience

When I moved into my dorm room the first day of school, I was not too sure what to expect.  I got nervous about friends, school, and just nervous in general.  Its a new place where I really knew nothing about anyone or anything here.  As the first few days, I found myself going out with some friends on the floor, having fun, and getting used to the college experience.  After that everything just kind of fell into place from there on out.  I kept on hanging out with those people, met new people without a fear or care in the world, started with my schoolwork and that was about it.  Looking back on that first day of moving it, it seems like it was yesterday.  I didn't really believe it when people told me that college is the best, and fastest four years of your life.  But seeing how quickly this year has come and gone, I know that before I can even catch myself and head back reality, I'll be in the real world.  But while I'm here at school, I may as well keep on doing the best I can and having fun as well.

126 thoughts on “Freshman Experience

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