Fighting in Sports

As anyone has probably noticed, violence in sports has skyrocketed over the past 10 or so years.  In some sports, such as hockey, fighting is part of the game.  They get a penalty for fighting and thats it, no game misconduct, no suspension afterwards.  But in the last season, a player slashed another player in the face because he was mad.  Why? The player was suspended for the rest of the season, but how far is too far.  Hockey doesn't want to ban fighting or make the penalties more strict because they are afraid of losing an already dwindling fan base.  In other sports, fighting lands you an automatic suspension for direct involvement.  The University of Miami football team ended up getting into a brawl with another team, and both sides had multiple players suspended for a few games for their actions.  In baseball, batters go after pitchers every day, sometimes it ends in just a few words thrown back and forth, in other cases it ends in punches thrown and a brawl breaking out.  I guess the point that I am trying to make is, why bother?  Granted you need to stick up for yourself, your team, yada yada yada.  What these players aren't thinking of is who is watching the game that they are a vital part of.  What kid sitting in the stands or watching from a tv at home says that player is their role model.  A role model should not be fighting, because then the kids are going to think that its acceptable for them go ahead and fight if someone were to do that to them.  Fighting needs to have much more severe consequences than it has right now, period.

5 thoughts on “Fighting in Sports

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  2. I feel its one thing to defend yourself, i have been in fights in a football game. It does set the tone for you in your teamates to play hard, but it also brings up the chance of dirty play to happen. I am for defending yourself, but cheap shots i am not. Something like the Miami brawl is totally uncalled for, its one thing in between plays to punch someone in a pile. But to take off you helmet hit people with it, and stomp on someone is another. These guys are considered to be the cream of the crop and they act like this. Fighting rules should stay the same. Dont harden up on them, keep them the way they are.

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