A Good Start

It's now May 1st, and the first month of baseball has come on gone and the Red Sox find themselves in first place in the AL East by 3 1/2 games.  The biggest surprise though, is that the Yankees aren't in second, their in dead last, struggling.  The Red Sox have won 5 out of 6 games against the Yankee's, including a sweep of them in their homestand which hadn't been done in years.  Simply, the Sox are just crushing the ball, other than their one hitter against the White Sox.  They are outscoring their opponents by a considerable amount.  They are fifth in the league in runs, twelfth in the league in hits, first in walks, and ninth in strikeouts.  The pitching staff is eleventh in runs, tenth in hits, ninth in walks, and fourth in strikeouts with over six per game.   The Sox are playing pretty solid so, although there are some huge questions being asked by Red Sox nation.  What's the deal with Manny?  Manny is batting a touch over .200, which simply isn't the Manny we know, or need.  A good sign that Manny is getting back into the grove of things is that he his home run against the Yankees was opposite field, which means Manny's getting back on track.  The biggest concern was our off-season acquisition Mr. Matsuzaka, who clearly hasn't been all he's cracked up to be.  Granted, he's not throwing to the caliber he threw in the World Baseball Finals, or how he threw in Japan.  He's getting accustomed to the new league, new style of play and the differences that major league baseball has.  At least, thats what we need to keep telling ourselves.  He's 3-2 with an ERA over 4.  That's not what we spent a ridiculous amount of money on.  Another worry is Schilling.  Although his ERA is 3.27, he is 2-3 as your #1.  The biggest problem is our #5 man in the rotation, Julian Tavarez.  He has an ERA of 7.58, simply enough stated.  We need a new number 5 thats going to be able to give us a chance in the post-season, or getting to the post-season.