Snow? What?

So now that its April, the first thing you expect is rain, and some warmer weather.  The past week/weekend was beautiful, grilling and hanging out outside, shorts and a t-shirt.  That changed quickly when it started snowing again.  That's right, April 3rd and its snowing outside, and more is expected to come.  This means two things. Firstly, spring sports are going to be stuck inside for a while once again because mother nature decided to throw us a curveball and leave us guessing.  Another thing it means is that everyone is just going to be mad about the weather.  I mean, who wouldn't be mad when only a few short days ago we were outside in shorts, and now there's snow falling everywhere.  Somethings messed up with this weather, and whether you like it or not, it's New England, deal with it.

2 thoughts on “Snow? What?

  1. Snow in april I agree Andy its pretty rediculous that were getting snow this late in the season. I know that its has been a real headache for me and the baseball trying to play games and feilds not being ready, also not being able to take fly balls and live groundballs on thefeild has been difficult too.

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