A huge debate that has come up lately is whether or not violent video games affects the minds of the kids who are playing them. The gaming industry is being blamed for deaths or violence of kids because of the games that they put out. The fault should not be put on the gaming industry at all. There are categories and warnings for certain aged children not to play a specific game. If they do, that should not be the gaming companies fault. That is the parents fault for letting their child play a violent game at a young age when the game is classified for an older age. Secondly, the game does not make the person commit the actions that they play in a game. I'm part of a generation brought up on Goldeneye and other games where killing is involved. I play video games of violent nature and I have never thought about killing or severely harming others to imitate the game that I played a few hours beforehand. The game does not make you get a gun and kill people. It is your choice on whether or not to take the gun and use it against innocent people. I feel another reason that the gaming industry is being blamed is because taking people to court and getting their money is the new way at achieving the American Dream. When our ancestors came here, they felt the only way to get the American Dream was to work hard for everything that they could. In today's society, we're filled with ideas on how to make a quick buck, and suing someone to get a few million dollars and live the American Dream is the cheap way. You see it in the news every day, and more people then you think are either the perpetraitors, or the victims. The gaming industry is just another pawn in these peoples chess game to make money quick. I think that the real problem is that people don't want to own up to the mistakes that they have made. The thought of taking responsibilty for your actions repulses most people because we can find ways out of situations so much easier today. In the end, people kill people. Video games don't cause people to kill others.

63 thoughts on “Gaming=Death?

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  8. Dear Ampogorzelski1,
    Thanks for your thoughts, Believe it or not, but video games have actually killed people. Some games are held responsible for physically killing people and also some games have actually driven people to their deaths (I know crazy right?). There are actually several reported cases of death caused by video games every year however only some make it on the news and become popular. These 4 examples are just few of the many cases of death caused by video games but these are the most popular so take each one into consideration so you won't be the next person on this list!

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