Mercy Killings

Mercy killings have been a huge issue in America due to the fact that America is split in half by it. Many people feel that if a person is suffering and is willing to sign their life away to end their suffering, it should be accepted by the courts. At the other side of the spectrum, many Americans feel that the taking of a life, no matter how bad of shape that life may be in, is murder. I stand deadlocked. I am a criminal justice major, and the taking of another person's life, even consentual is considered murder. Although once I get older and God forbid I should be so ill and in so much pain that I wish for my life to be ended, a decision may come for me to want to have someone end my already miserable life. Dr. Kevorkian is a perfect example of a mercy killer. He gets signed consent, and often makes the patient wait weeks to months to make sure that this is what they truly want to do. He feels that if someone is suffering that much and they want their life to end, the patient has the right to do so. In 1999, he was put in jail for second degree murder, due to the fact that he video taped one of his killings to show the world how much pain the victims he is asissting the taking of their lives are in. Currently, I feel that mercy killing is the same as murder, but I can not say I would not act in the same manner once older and in pain.

5 thoughts on “Mercy Killings

  1. I have never had to deal with the option of keeping someone alive, or putting them out of their misery. Sometimes I think that its wrong to 'kill' someone when they have asked a professional to do so... and other times, I feel like it is that person's own decision. A DNR comes to mind in cases where families are brought to court over keeping an ailing person alive. A Do Not Resuscitate order is given to hospital administrators, paramedics, and emts if a patient feels they no longer want to fight for their own life. Who are we to say its wrong? Maybe its wrong to contradict the wishes of another human being. I also dont think that Dr. Kevorkian should be punished for what he did. People came to him for his help, he didnt go out and seek innocent people who had no intention of using him for what he was well known for.

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